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INTAKT – History

The launching of INTAKT goes back to the year of the women in 1975. It was then that the correspondence between Christa Hauer, Angelika Kaufmann and Minister of Education, Fred Sinowatz, who at the time was responsible for the arts.
They asked for an equal representation of the domain of art to mark the occasion of the year of the women and a big exhibition planned during that year. Their request was denied.
Proposals to better the social situation of the female artists have not been pursuit with the information that this is not within the scope of competence of the ministry.
A promised research assignment was converted into a trivial subvention.

This unacceptable situation was reason enough to go public.  1976 the instigators invited to a press conference in the Modern Art Galerie von Grita Insam. In 1977 the launching of INTAKT took place here as well.
A flat in the Griechenbeisl-Haus became the first meeeting place and also an exhibition space until 1988.

The activities of the early days consisted of cultural political initiatives, statements and events which called the attention to the situation of the female artists (retirement pension insurance, cooling period, acquisition and prices, assignment of female professors)
At the same time INTAKT female artists were supported in their work because of the joint approach to be better perceived by the Austrian art public. Likewise was the exchange with female artists from other countries one of the key aspects of INTAKT: the principal of competition, specified by  society has been given lower priority by the artists in order to allow for better working- and living conditions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column animate=”” width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


The debate within the group was and is the basis for many themed exhibits. Up to 1999 INTAKT ran her own venue with a female gallery in the house of the Griechenbeisl. Then they moved to the WUK. Next to their own exhibitions in the INTAKT room one have here the possibility to conceptualize bigger projects in different exhibition halls of the WUK.

Group exhibitions: (selection)

  • 1984 „Focus: art by women“, Secession Vienna
  • 1987 „10 years INTAKT“, Griechenbeisl Vienna
  • 1997 „the PLACE the TIME the PLUS“, 20 years INTAKT, Heiligenkreuzerhof Vienna
  • 2005 cultural project „EUROPE/OCCIDENT“ six exhibitions in the Galerie am Park Vienna
  • 2006 Project „Hardware Store“ at „SOHO in Ottakring“ Vienna
  • 2007 special exhibition „30-years INTAKT“,  Galerie Dana Charkasi Vienna, as well as four themed exhibitions: „FOREST“, „WOMEN with MEN”
„VANITAS“ and „EMBARRASSING“ at the WUK Vienna
  • 2008 „BLUE MONDAY“ with readings by Friederike Mayröcker, Amerlinghaus Vienna
  • 2009 “strait laced again” Project talks and big joint exhibition Project room WUK Vienna
  • 2009/2010 „INTERCITY VIENNA – BUDAPEST“, Gallery of the MKISZ, in cooperation with the Hungarian artists association
  • 2010  ‘eyes on’ exhibition INTAKT WUK, to the month of photography in Vienna 
highlights of their artistic output up to now are the events and exhibitions organized around the jubilee of the 100. Day of the Women.
  • 2011 „Vienna is female!“ 
  ‘Flags’- Exhibition at the Atelier House of the University Fine Arts. Vienna.  Akzenta Graz, Hotel Balnea Esplanade Palace Piestany Slowakei,
  Amerlinghaus Vienna, Austrian r. Cultural Forum, Bratislava, 
  Cultural Centre KSC FONTANA Piestany Slovakia, ART space Palais Kabelwerk Vienna

We hope that the work of INTAKT will allow further success, attention and lively exchange between female artists and art minded audience and launch into the fourth century of the existence of INTAKT with a critical view but -on the other hand -quite optimistic. .[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]